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The Warmest Place

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Dedicated to the relationship between Russia and Ukraine from Axis Powers Hetalia.

The Warmest Place
"the good in her will be my sunflower field."
-- Eva, Nightwish

Hello, and welcome to the first LiveJournal community dedicated the relationship between Russia and Ukraine from Axis Powers Hetalia! Here is the place where you can post fan works, graphics, cosplay or anything else that relates to and supports the idea of Russia and Ukraine.

» Be Respectful. Members join to have a good time, not get their feelings trampled on. Please try and make this place a friendly environment for everyone. Discussions are fine, and encouraged, but mud-slinging will not be tolerated.

» All posts should be Russia and/or Ukraine centric, as they are the focus of the community. However, if a post happens to include another character, such as Belarus or the Baltics, this is fine. But please do not make topics about other characters or pairings.

» Posting Etiquette. Please remember to tag all your entries properly. This helps keep things organized and neat looking.

» Fan works, including cosplay and videos, and long entries must be behind an LJ-cut. Only one preview image, of a reasonable and small size, is allowed. Icons may have three preview images.

» Mature content is allowed, but must be member-locked and proper warning should be given. Preview images are not allowed for such entries.

» Posts containing doujinshi scans must be member-locked and proper credit given to the circle.

» Fake cuts are allowed.

» Have fun!

» Fan art and fiction should use the following posting guide:


love_tap - Russia × Lithuania
usxuk - America × England
ofscones_vodka - England × Russia
prussia_belgium - Prussia × Belgium
sadist_otp - Belarus × Russia
manly_glasses - Austria × Hungary
rochu_squad - Russia × China
special_sight - Canada × Ukraine
russiamerica - Russia × America
toy_armada - Latvia × Sealand
supersizes - America × Ukraine
spainxbelgium - Spain × Belgium

hamburger_st - America
binary_genius - Estonia
europesbicycle - Poland
baltic_nations - Lithuania, Estonia, & Latvia

dailygermancest - Germany × Prussia Archive

If you have a Hetalia related community and would like to affiliate, please message me.

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